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Burning Information

Is it a burn day? Check here.

Burn Permit and Status Information available here


Active Wildfire Information

Active fires under federal jurisdiction can be found here.

Active fires under California's jurisdiction can be found here.

All fires nearby can be found here


Defensible Space

Are you ready for wildfire?

Click here for more information.


Landowner Assistance and Grants

Cal Fire Grants and Assistance Information is available here.

NRCS EQIP Grant Funding Information is available here

NRCS Tree Mortality Assistance Information is available here


Forest Management Information

The Forest Stewardship Helpline (1-800-738-TREE) is staffed by a Registered Professional Forester who can answer most forestry questions and provide referrals on any topic related to California forests.

Cal Fire Forest Practice

Find a Forester

60 Second Forester (short videos that discuss various California forestry topics)

To find a Licensed Timber Operator visit CalTrees, click "Resources & Help" at the top of the page, then click "LTO Report" in the drop down menu. This opens a new page, scroll to the bottom and select "LTO List".

Police Car Lights

Evacuation Information

Evacuation procedures, warnings and other important elements of the evacuation process is a critical element that the Hwy. 168 FSC strives to inform our citizenry about. This is done through numerous education and outreach activities. These elements include:

Smiling Family

Home Owner's Insurance

Having a hard time insuring your home due to living in a high fire danger area? You're not alone. Currently there aren't a lot of inexpensive options and many residents are using the California Fair Plan and a bundle package through a different insurance company.  

For more information, visit:


Free Address Sign for Creek Fire Property Owners

Green Reflective Sign Application

Land Owner Resources: Products


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Contractor (LTO) List

Contractors listed do not represent or have any affiliation with the Highway 168 Fire Safe Council.

LTOs can email the Highway 168 Fire Safe Council to get added to this list. An LTOs license must be current and displayed on the Cal Fire LTO list in order to be added to this list.

Prepare for Wildfire - Fresno County

Keep your family safe during a wildfire by being prepared and evacuating early.

Evacuation Information - Fresno County

Prepare for wildfire. Prepare yourself and your family for the possibility of having to evacuate.

Reforestation Practices

Reforestation Practices for Conifers in California.

Post Wildfire Management

Information on land management after wildfire.

Land Owner Resources: Files
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