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Next Steps For Homeowners

  1. Soil stabilization: If you haven’t already, you need to address this now before we get the next big winter storm. When soils burn, they lose their ability to soak up precipitation and this leads to water run-off, mudslides and will disrupt healthy and dead trees alike. Contact Sierra RCD here  for a free property assessment on how to best do this.

  2. Contact a Registered Professional Forester (RPF) or a Licensed Timber Operator (LTO) (links below) to assess what trees on your property will need to be removed and what you can potentially sell as a “merchantable” tree. LTOs are qualified to fell and remove merchantable and non merchantable trees, but should be able to subsidize some or all of the cost of removing merchantable trees by selling them to a sawmill. The homeowner will need to file an exemption with CalFIRE prior to removal. Fresno County is offering a free assessment of fire damaged trees by a RPF. The purpose is to help homeowners determine what trees are dead or dying and which can safely be left to help the reforestation of your property. You can sign up for this program by emailing:

  3. Have a LTO fell any trees on your property that are an immediate threat to life or property. CalRecycle has awarded a contract for hazard tree removal in the Creek Fire Burn scar. Crews are currently marking trees in our area for removal, but it is unclear at this time if they will be removing trees around homes or not. 

  4. Apply for grant funds to help with the cost of tree and brush removal. There are multiple links below for grants to address the state responsibility area around your home as well your acreage. 

  5. Contact the Resiliency Fund here for free or low cost seedlings to replant!

  6. Continue to clear brush and thin natural reproduction of trees in the coming years to prevent crowding. Your property is a blank slate: build it back up into a healthy forest that will prevent this disaster from occurring again.


Homeowner Assistance and Grants

Fresno County Recovers: Information and assistance.

Email for Free Tree Assessment 

FEMA Assistance information and application.

Post Fire Recovery Grant for up to 100 ft around a homesite. Apply here.

Grants for acreage clean up:

NRCS, EQIP Program info here

Fresno County contact info here

Cal Fire CFIP Program Info here

Region Contact:

Guy Anderson, CALFIRE

Southern Region Forestry Assistance Specialist

1234 E Shaw Avenue Fresno CA 93710

Office (559) 243-4109

Cell (559) 281-8479

Girl in the Woods

Forest Management and Reforestation Information

The Forest Stewardship Helpline (1-800-738-TREE) is staffed by a Registered Professional Forester who can answer most forestry questions and provide referrals on any topic related to California forests.

Cal Fire Forest Practice

Find a Forester

60 Second Forester (short videos that discuss various California forestry topics)

To find a Licensed Timber Operator visit CalTREES, Click "Resources & Help" at the top of the page, then click "LTO Report" in drop down menu. This opens a new page, scroll to the bottom and select "LTO List".

Reforestation Practices for Conifers in CA

Post Wildfire Management

Creek Fire Resources: Products
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